With Online Training Concepts,
Learning Never Stops

We believe that opportunities to learn and grow should be embraced at every turn. Above all, we value the dynamic of an open, honest, and truly collaborative exchange with our clients where learning is celebrated, the needs of the instructor or organization are the priority, and a positive and valuable student experience is the ultimate goal and true measure of a completed project.

Our Values

Dynamic online education experiences are our primary goal, our values are how we get there.

Collaboration is our North Star

We treat every online education project as an opportunity to engage and interact with our clients to identify their specific needs and develop a set of achievable goals for the launch and success of their passion.

Joy via W. Edwards Deming

Deming’s principles for management and his System of Profound Knowledge are two of the cornerstones of OTC. Allowing space for each person to embrace joy in their work provides everyone the support they need to not only produce their best, but enjoy the process and the journey.

Curiosity didn’t kill this cat

Encouraging curiosity and stimulating a desire to learn more about our world is the primary goal for each online education development project we facilitate. We aim to always allow space for creativity and continuous improvement on every level of our organization.

Our Origin Story

OTC Was born because we were tired of online course platforms giving you a blank template instead of meaningful strategy & support from a real human.

What Makes Us Different

We work directly with you (human-to-human)
to achieve your online education goals

Happy humans ready to collaborate

You’ll be matched with a dedicated project coordinator from the beginning to aid in the management and creation of your fully customized online course experience.

In-house services and professional media production

Unlike other online course hosting business, we provide in-house professional content and curriculum development services for every aspect of your custom online education or training experience.

Upfront cost deferment options - Shh!

Our competitors don’t want you to know you have this option. For qualified clients, we offer unique payment options and the ability to defer or intelligently manage any anticipated upfront development costs.

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