About Us

Online Training Concepts

Online Training Concepts is passionate about cultivating curiosity and discovery in learners at every stage of life. The world is teeming with opportunities to explore new ideas, topics, and activities and we are passionate about facilitating that exploration and expansion. We believe that stoking the fires of curiosity and creativity can lead to more dynamic and engaged humans who create positive change in their communities, near and far. 

In the spring of 2019, Shane had an idea to revolutionize the training process for one of his passions - paragliding. He set out to create a thorough and streamlined online training platform with the goal of introducing the fundamentals of paragliding to students in advance of their in-person training. The overwhelmingly positive response made one thing clear - this approach to online education was in high demand and, thus, Online Training Concepts was born. 

One of our main approaches to building online education courses follows the Flipped Classroom method, which maximizes in-class training by providing students the necessary tools to explore a subject at their own pace before entering the classroom. Therefore, students arrive more prepared to ask thoughtful questions and are better able to absorb the information presented. Additionally, they have more fun - and the instructors do, too! 

We are dedicated to creating a collaborative work environment that fosters true authenticity, radical inclusion, and open communication. These values extend to the partnerships we build with instructors, business professionals, and students as well. We believe nurturing a culture built on these values will create avenues for each member of the Online Training Concepts community to embrace a deep sense of joy and purpose in their lives. 

Meet Our Team

Shane Parreco


Shane brings an extensive background in business management, wilderness education and leadership, and a passion for cultivating learning and curiosity in others. As an active member of the paragliding, skydiving, and drone enthusiast communities, Shane is uniquely positioned to increase awareness and adoption of OTC’s current products and educational platforms.

Sara Martin


Sara has more than a decade of management experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and is dedicated to connecting motivated individuals to unique learning opportunities. Sara's expertise in financial administration, human resources, development, and marketing will guide OTC toward a successful and sustainable future.