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With Online Training Concepts, onboarding new hires isn’t just something for managers to check off their to-do lists—we transform run-of-the-mill training into immersive experiences that set the stage for optimal performance, success, and satisfaction. 


Why OTC?

Online Training Concepts provides custom solutions for organizations to sustain growth and stay competitive while setting their staff up to succeed. OTC is also on the cutting edge of virtual reality and immersive technology services that increase information absorption and retention rates dramatically, and will be the future of e-learning. 

Why Now?

The work-from-home era isn’t just a blip—it’s here to stay. With teams of all sizes collaborating across the globe, one-on-one, in-person training is more rare than ever. The new workforce is already engaging with interactive and immersive technology during their daily lives, and they’ve come to expect the same from their workplaces.

When training materials are static PDFs or a disengaging PowerPoint, the onboarding process can make new hires feel unmotivated, disconnected, and less likely to stick around for the long haul.

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Meet the Team

Shane Parreco:
Founder + CTO

Shane Parreco was training to become a certified paragliding instructor in 2018 when he realized there was no online education to offer his future students. He decided to take a 90-page PDF syllabus—which was bound to bore the thrill-seekers learning how to fly thousands of feet above the ground—and created a website that included an interactive learning experience that could better train new pilots. That year, students from nearly 70 different paragliding schools from across the world visited his website, and Parreco realized he was on to something.

Sara Martin:
Co-Founder + CEO

When Parreco met his partner in both life and business, Sara Martin, Online Training Concepts really started to take off. Today, the duo and their team of experts provides organizations with the tools and skills they need—from video production, to website development, to virtual reality technology—in order to develop creative solutions for identifying, addressing, and overcoming the obstacles of onboarding and training new team members.

Lorna Harkey – Assistant Director of Client Services

Nardo Roxas – Web Developer + Database Engineer

Steve Roti – Database Engineer,  Resident Wizard

Olivia Elliott – Software Engineer

Tara Byassee – Web Developer

Mikaela Roel – Graphic Designer

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