Reasonable + Prudent Cybersecurity Guide

Our Approach to Cyber Security

After interviewing over one hundred business leaders in Western North Carolina, we came to understand the need for this “Reasonable and Prudent Guide to Cybersecurity for SMBs.” Specifically, a guide that lays out reasonable steps – steps for which it is reasonable to expect that you or your IT lead (in-house or managed IT service provider) can do with existing skills and abilities. They just need time and (in some cases) a little money. We also focus only on the prudent measures – measures clearly able to address the most common threats. We developed this guide to adhere to our state motto “Essequam videri” – “To be rather than just to seem.” Nothing difficult, just practical advice with clear steps to make the biggest improvements as fast as possible. As we endeavor to serve our community, we look forward to your counsel on how we can be of more service and improve future editions of this guide.

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