3) Faith Development

Faith Development

As a member of UUCA you are encouraged to pursue and participate in your faith development. We understand that faith development means different things to different people, therefore we offer a variety of ways for you to discover where your personal path may take you.

Faith development at UUCA begins with worship. There are two opportunities to participate in worship: Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our Sunday worship services are varied in content and offer our congregants topics to think about and explore in a more traditional manner. Our Wednesday evening vespers program is a more personal way to worship as congregants participate in theme discussions and have opportunities to partake in lay-laid programs.

Small group ministry (our Soul Matters and Creativity Matters groups) is a mainstay of faith development at UUCA and is offered both as a short-term, three-month, commitment or a more in-depth, long-term commitment of a year. Small group ministry provides mutual support and companionship in an intimate setting that fosters spiritual growth and mutual care. As a member of a group, you delve deeply into our monthly worship themes as you explore what those themes mean to you.

Other opportunities for adult faith development and areas of exploration include our Spiritual Deepening Groups, namely our UU Sangha Buddhist group, and our Blue Ridge Covenant of UU Pagans, in addition to many opportunities to join classes and book groups.

Explore more Adult Faith Development opportunities here.

Religious Education (RE) Program

In addition to adult faith development, our Religious Education (RE) program for children and youth is a vibrant program that incorporates worship, community building, and justice work. The RE program provides several opportunities for children and youth, from preschool through high school, to learn about what it means to be a UU in our community and modern world. From anti-racism classes to sexuality education (OWL – Our Whole Lives), our children are taught to be open-minded and critical thinkers.

Learn more about Children and Youth Faith Development here
and by watching these videos.

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