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4) Membership Responsibilities and Benefits

Membership Responsibilities

Being a UUCA member comes with responsibilities, too. We want our members to be involved in our worship services, to work on their spiritual development, and to make a financial commitment to our congregation*.

The path to membership begins with attending services to check us out and culminates with your financial pledge to UUCA to support the work we do. Your completion of the Membership Class will provide you with the information we feel you need to make a decision about us and determine if we are a right fit
for you and your family.

The benefits to membership are many and offer you the opportunity to become a part of a community dedicated to providing you opportunities for spiritual growth in an environment that is populated by free-thinking religious people. You will also receive pastoral care and guidance during times of need and transitions, ample opportunities to explore a variety of topics through forums and adult education classes, acceptance of who you are, and our support as you work to find your spiritual place in your life.

Read more about the Responsibilities of Membership.

*About that Financial Commitment

There are two reasons it is important that our members make an annual commitment and donation to UUCA.  One is that the very act of committing money, at the level that matches your ability, is a symbol of your commitment to the UUCA community.  The second is that there is no other funding other than donations available to sustain and support the staff, buildings, and programs. We maintain a balanced budget each year and it is the level of our donations that determines what staff (60% of our budget) we can support. 

Congregants are not just the decision-makers of the organization, they are the only financial support we have.

Watch these videos of two of our member’s views about making financial commitments:

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