5) How We Are Organized

UUCA Structure and Organization

UUCA is a congregational-style church, meaning the congregation is the highest authority for making decisions.  There is no other hierarchy.  The Unitarian Universalist Association is the source of denominational information, but they have no say over our policies, nor do they contribute in any way to our bottom line.

Because congregants are the decision-makers at UUCA, we would like for you to become familiar with our bylaws. We know that this is a bit boring, but it is important information should you decide to become a member.

You should also be familiar with our staff members and what their roles are at UUCA. 

UUCA operates using policy governance. This is a way of organizing that makes it easier to have all parts of the church working toward the same goals, allows the Board of Trustees to take more time to take a “balcony view” of the organization, and gives staff members fewer “bosses.”  In policy governance, every committee and task force has a staff liaison which makes it easier for the staff to do their work, which is empowering and supporting the work of the congregation’s members.

And finally, because even UU’s are human, UUCA has a set of policies that outline specific “rules” and procedures for a variety of situations. Most importantly, we expect you to read our Healthy Congregation policy which is put in place to provide a safe environment for our members to explore, experience, and express their ideas and opinions. We are VERY serious about protecting our congregants from abusive behaviors, which is why we are as clear as possible in our policy on that matter.

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