6) What’s Next?

Ready to Become a Member?

Take the Next Steps!
Attend a Sunday or Wednesday worship service to savor the community experience of UUCA.
Participate in two Newcomer’s Potlucks to meet new members and learn more about UUCA.
Join a small group to connect with other members in a more personal way.
Learn our history so you can more fully engage with our present.
Volunteer in a way that best suits your talents and passions.
Sign up for our E-Newsletter

Contact Us!

After you have finished reading and exploring all the information provided in this course, please contact our Connections Coordinator, Venny Zachritz, and let her know your intentions regarding membership. Venny will help you further your connection at UUCA  by connecting you with a small group, a Justice Ministry group, or a social group. She will also provide you with the necessary documentation to submit your financial commitment.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Membership Class and for fulfilling one of the requirements of membership within UUCA. We hope that you decide UUCA is the right fit for you and that membership with our community will be mutually beneficial.