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AVL Chamber Member Overload: A mountain of information made accessible and digestible

The Asheville area Chamber of Commerce onboards new business members every 6 weeks during an intensive hour long in-person orientation session. This firehose of information leaves many new members feeling overwhelmed with little more understanding about Chamber benefits than they’d previously had. Our solution created an engaging, virtual onboarding program that new members could experience in advance of their in person orientation and continually refer back to once the orientation is complete. 

Woodson Branch Nature School is an indoor/outdoor K-8 school located just outside of Asheville, NC. This farm, art, and forest school’s unique approach to teaching necessitated an onboarding program that could effectively communicate the nuances of working within such a non-traditional environment. OTC created a video orientation for potential teachers to engage with before beginning their application process, successfully frontloading them with necessary information about the requirements of being an educator at WBNS and creating beneficial transparency for all involved. 

Screening For Outdoor Lovers: An orientation experience as unique as their curriculum

Leveling Up Entrepreneurship Training: Mentorship onboarding experience "Elevated"

Venture Asheville’s ‘Elevate’ mentorship program does so much to support the entrepreneur community in Western North Carolina. With out-of-date onboarding materials, however, the process was in desperate need of an update. OTC’s online onboarding system provided a much needed upgrade complete with video modules, a new Elevate application process, interactive infographics, and a streamlined experience for all participating members: founders, mentors, and Venture Asheville staff. 

Imramma was started by a community of health and wellness professionals who wanted to provide a wide range of wellness education online and make their expertise more accessible. The only issue – they had no website, no course content, and no platform for students to start using. We helped Imramma create everything they needed to go from concept to fully functioning platform.

Holistic wellness courses: A platform that connects people with professionals

Avalanche rescue: How we helped the AIARE team curb an onboarding landslide

AIARE provides quality avalanche safety training to thousands of students every year – but their online education system wasn’t up to par for managing so many incoming participants or providing an easy to navigate experience for their students and instructors alike. We helped them rebuild their existing content on a customized platform with more tools for AIARE to provide better education all around.

The world of ultralight aviation is complex with regulations and certification protocols. Before SkyGearHub.com and GliderTraining.org, pilots in training had little-to-no online education resources to aid in their progression toward a pilot licensure or certification. We worked hand-in-hand with talented aviation instructors to produce a centralized platform that can be accessed by students all over the world. 

SkyGear Hub: Making ultralight aviation safer with accessible online education

Whether you’re an individual educator or an enterprise in need of sustainable training solutions, we’ll help you build the online education system of your dreams. Our team has expertise across a wide range of fields, so no matter where your knowledge lies we can help you build a platform that makes your course(s) accessible and marketable.

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