Avalanche Training Support

AIARE was founded as a non-profit in 1998 to provide quality avalanche safety training and significantly improve the public’s awareness of winter backcountry skills through a comprehensive education program. With an international presence already established, AIARE currently works with over 100 course providers and nearly 500 AIARE-trained instructors to deliver their accredited avalanche awareness curriculum as a required companion to in-person, seminar-style training sessions.

Initially, the AIARE training course material was hosted on a platform allowing for only basic functionality and minimal interaction opportunities and one that kept educational experiences completely separate from the main AIARE platform and interface. The organization wanted to overhaul their platform, incorporate a dedicated learning management system, and improve digital delivery methods for their online avalanche training content to further elevate their educational offerings.

“Working with OTC was game-changing for our organization. They took the time to understand the nature of how we deliver courses and designed elegant solutions within the constraints of our system and budget.”
— Liz Riggs Meder
Director of Recreation Programs

Now AIARE is successfully sliding into the future with a platform that better supports students & instructors. Head over to their website to learn more!