Safe Workplace: How We Cracked Open Onboarding at Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company has just under 90,000 employees that are all required to complete a series of safe workplace courses this year (2023). Whether an employee has worked at TCCC for their entire career or is new to the team, they must participate in this training program. This is huge for OTC, because all of our hard work will be seen by thousands. We needed to make a big splash and blow it out of the Coke can. 

Project Overview

The Coca-Cola Company needed a revamp of their required safe workplace course catalog to be more interactive and informative. We built two courses from scratch that included custom scenarios, knowledge checks, and interactive exercises for Safe Workplace: Preparing and Responding to Workplace Violence and Safe Workplace: Preparing and Responding to a Hostile Intruder. 

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How we harnessed effective training through storytelling

The project consisted of tedious research and brainstorming, content creation and cultivating, and building the course itself. In conjunction with one of our trusty partners, The Look and The Feel Branding Agency, OTC crafted brand new content for TCCC. We leveraged Elucidat, a content-authoring platform, for creating these courses; this platform had quite the learning curve, but it was no problem for our team. The final piece of the puzzle was tying the course up with a bow into a SCORM package and delivering it to TCCC’s team to be incorporated into their LMS. This project will be seen by every TCCC employee across the globe, which feels very important and impactful for OTC. 


We embrace importance of scenarios for the success of learning and development. Especially for onboarding, employees are able to see the possibilities of workplace issues through real-life instances. For issues like workplace violence and hostile intruder situations, immersing learners into crafted stories can be triggering, so we allowed for space for reflection and often referred back to the resources available to TCCC employees, if needed. Keeping triggers at bay required some finagling; we wanted to teeter just on the edge of a scenario feeling too real and too kitschy.  The TCCC team was extremely impressed with our creativity!

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Liz Riggs Meder
Director of Recreation Programs at AIARE

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