Client: Imramma Wellness

Holistic wellness courses: A platform that connects people with professionals

A wellness community in need of an online home

The health and wellness community in Asheville, North Carolina is extensive and it is relatively easy to connect in-person with passionate and knowledgeable practitioners. However, a centralized community for self-paced, online learning did not exist, highlighting a missed opportunity for practitioners to collaborate and support one another, but also for clients to have exposure to a wide variety of wellness practices and the flexibility of at-home, self-paced learning.

Imramma was born when a small handful of wellness professionals, motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on their in-person client base, approached Online Training Concepts about a need for quality online wellness education. This was an exciting opportunity to craft a platform’s aesthetic and all its included content from the ground up. Working in close collaboration with these practitioners, OTC designed and developed the Imramma platform to be a virtual space that calls to mind nurturing, reflection, and gentle expansion – a safe space for clients to explore and deepen their relationships with themselves.

Listen, collaborate, and create

Because each professional brought a unique set of knowledge and goals to the content creation process, OTC worked with everyone individually to ensure each course reflected their specific passion and expertise. Beginning with video capture, post-production work, and content organization, the first round of Imramma courses steadily became a reality. Imramma now combines more traditional wellness practices – such as mindfulness and nutrition – with unique offerings like Feldenkrais movement therapies and erotic awakening, with the intention of encouraging clients to explore their curiosities and discover new aspects of their well-being.

Moving forward, OTC continues working in collaboration with a foundational core of Asheville professionals to expand Imramma’s course offerings and to increase knowledge of the platform within and beyond the Asheville community. A wide variety of courses are in the planning stages and many more instructors have signed on to become a part of this growing and dynamic community.

Project Success!

Imramma is now an established brand
supporting people through meaningful
online education experiences

Built by People Who Care

The AIARE online ecosystem is now easier to navigate and more streamlined, improving the experience of clients and increasing the ease of use for administrators and providers.

Something Out of Nothing

Thanks to our custom student management software, AIARE providers and administrators can more easily track student progress throughout each season.

Collaboration Station

This project helped clarify many of AIARE’s online education goals, carving out a clear path
toward future growth and expansion.

Kind words from Aubrey Mast, Co-founder of Imramma

“Creating the Imramma education platform with OTC was such an unexpectedly pleasant experience. Their talented team helped realize a vision that I couldn't have built without them.”

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