SkyGear Hub: Online Education + Equipment Research

SkyGear Hub was originally created by Shane Parreco, and the team at OTC helped envision, design, and build an entirely new online platform for paragliding, hang gliding, and skydiving enthusiasts. 

OTC handled everything from branding, web design, and custom software development for the GearMatch tool, to video production and LMS integration for the online learning environment. 

Project Overview

For a project as ambitious as SkyGear Hub, the team at OTC had to come up with an entirely new brand identity and put together a massive project overview plan to manage the development and deployment of the SkyGear Hub platform. Building an interactive database for all equipment for several sky enthusiast sports proved to be a worthy pursuit as the website has exploded and the feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. 

SkyGear Hub Project Overview Video

Now SkyGear Hub is successfully soaring into the future with a platform that better supports all sky enthusiasts.

"The team at OTC was absolutely amazing to work with. They helped bring my vision to life better than I thought was possible. The paragliding, skydiving, and hang gliding communities have expressed so much gratitude for what we've done, I can't thank OTC enough."
Shane Parreco
Creator of SkyGear Hub + GearMatch

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