A One-Stop-Shop of Online Learning and Interactive Equipment Research for Ultralight Aviation Enthusiasts

An aviation community ready for a dedicated online platform

The world of ultralight aviation has a growing community in the US, but until recently did not have a consolidated online resource for everything from ground school training to a unique equipment research tool.

OTC helped a few dedicated instructors in the paragliding and hang gliding community build an online education platform to help better prepare students for their introduction to the world of aviation. Now, with an exclusive contract to host online education materials for the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA), the entire community has a dedicated home for many years to come.

How a collaborative effort helped bring a community together online for the first time.

In 2018, several USHPA certified instructors (including our CEO and founder Shane Parreco) decided it was time to bring online paraglider and hang glider education materials online in a meaningful way. After many months of building and iterating, was born. Finally an online education platform that focuses entirely on delivering training materials to ultralight aviation students was born.

Now that the platform has become part of the SkyGear Hub family, the amount of support provided to this small, but growing community has taken a quantum leap forward. SkyGear Hub adds several new and exciting tools for the entire world of sky lovers. We’ve helped build an entirely reimagined approach to researching equipment,  created a new custom online pricing tool for determining the ‘Blue Book’ value of used gear, provided a space for employment opportunities, as well as a host of other community-oriented features. OTC has helped build SkyGear Hub and its related properties into an exciting new home for all things sky related for many years to come.

Project Success!

SkyGear Hub is successfully moving into the future with a platform that better supports students, instructors, and all sky sport lovers.

Ultralight Aviation Training, Streamlined

Paragliding, Hang Gliding, and Skydiving all have a new fully functional online training platform that can be utilized by any instructor anywhere in the world. 

Software Solutions

Thanks to our custom online equipment research tool and ‘Blue Book’ value calculator, pilots everywhere can more easily find the right gear to suit their needs, and sell their gear at a fair market value.

A Clear Path Forward

This project helped solidify a dedicated online space for an entire  community of pilots and aviators, providing space and an opportunity for many years of future growth and expansion.

Kind words from Rob Black, Owner + Lead Instructor at Penguin Paragliding + 2020 USHPA Instructor of the Year

“The team at OTC has helped our small community in more ways than I can say. Their talented crew is great to work with and has made an incredibly valuable tool for teachers and students alike.”

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