Venture Asheville

Elevate Mentorship Program Onboarding

Jeffrey Kaplan and his team at Venture Asheville needed some graphic design support as well as building a better onboarding system for new Founders and Mentors starting their MIT Entrepreneur mentoring program: Elevate.

OTC stepped in and put together a solid project plan to achieve their onboarding goals and save time for their team. 

After producing all new video content and integrating a new LMS system into their existing website, OTC built a streamlined onboarding experience for both mentors and startup founders. This new process and system saved a significant amount of time for the team at Venture Asheville and removed the need for a lengthy meetings in person to go over initial program details and expectations. 

To learn more about Venture Asheville and the Elevate mentorship program, head over to to get started!! If you talk to Jeffrey Kaplan or Desiree Monstrola, tell them OTC sent you!