Custom online training
services for large organizations &
enterprise clients

We work with individuals and small organizations to bring their specific expertise to life in an engaging and dynamic online education course format.

Custom Enterprise Services

Every large organization brings a unique set of needs to the table. We offer a wide range of services to accomplish the unique goals for your project. From onboarding and new employee training, to custom platform infrastructure and VR training development, we cover all angles to support long term business success.

Collaborative Process

We believe in the power of collaboration as a fundamental approach to creating meaningful content and we work together to identify and achieve a detailed list of project goals.

Media Production

We have a team of artists and creators ready to generate all the engaging visual elements of your custom online training experience.

Design, Build, Launch & Support

We create a fully customized experience from initial concept and asset creation, to layout and design through to a successful launch. And our relationship doesn’t end there: we offer continued support to ensure the long term success of every project we manage.

Custom Enterprise Services

No two organizations have the same
goals, so we said sayonara to
one-size-fits-all solutions

New Employee Training

Introduce new hires to your organization with a dynamic and engaging online experience to help employees meet key personnel, understand core company values, and embrace the overall mission.

Client Onboarding

Give every new client a fully customized onboarding experience, providing all the necessary information for successful incorporation into your company’s ecosystem.values, and embrace the overall mission.

VR Development

For companies looking to take their workforce to the next level, we utilize the full capability of virtual reality to create custom training experiences that are immersive, impactful, and highly effective.

Web Platform & Client Portal Development

We have the skills to help you manage your online ecosystem in a highly efficient way – from streamlining your site infrastructure, developing training and client management systems, and more.

Ongoing Platform & Hosting Support Services

Our relationship doesn’t end when the project is complete – we are dedicated to ensuring any future education and platform support needs are worry-free.

Collaborative Process

We celebrate the process of interacting with clients & creating long term relationships to support the goals of your organization


We work together to create and review a thorough outline of your entire curriculum and determine the best approach for a single course product or series of courses.


We understand that every course is unique and deserves a dynamic visual format and layout to maximize student engagement and retention.


We build your course from the ground up: including lessons and chapters, hosted videos, illustrations and diagrams, quizzes, final exams, online credentialing, and more.

Kind words Liz Riggs Meder, Director of Recreation Programs at AIARE:

“Working with OTC was game-changing for our organization. They took the time to understand the nature of how we deliver courses and designed elegant solutions within the constraints of our system and budget.”

Check out the AIARE case study to learn more about how we helped their organization create an online education platform that could handle thousands of incoming students.

Avalance rescue: How we helped the AIARE team curb an onboarding landslide

Media Production

Once we’ve identified what you need for an awesome course, our content creation team makes it a reality

Professional video production

The number one thing to include in your course? Videos! Our production team is well-equipped to capture the highest quality video content to enhance your finished product.

Virtual reality (VR) development

To make your content even more immersive, we offer custom virtual reality training and course development to take your instructional content to the next level.

Illustration & animation creation

Some concepts benefit from a little extra explanation and our team of artists are prepared to create visualizations and animated demonstrations to better inform your students.

Professional audio recordings

Everyone learns differently, so we have the option to record studio-quality audio segments to provide another method for students to successfully absorb important concepts.

Design, Build, Launch & Support

We’re not a DIY platform - we’re a full-service, start-to-finish team of experts here to support you

Design & Build

Together, we’ll identify the scope of the project and outline all of the unique needs for your specific goals. From asset creation to video production to course building, our team has you covered.


Worried about deployment, hosting, and website construction? No need - we’ll help you successfully launch your education product so it can be shared with the world without a hitch.


We offer each of our clients a variety of options for long term support for each of our complete online training solutions. If you are interested in learning more, book a meeting with us today!


We are passionate about cultivating curiosity in every aspect of our lives so, naturally, questions are encouraged! Here are some questions we hear often so we came up with a few answers to help get you started.

Each online education project that OTC produces is unique: the time required from concept to launch is determined by the clients’ needs and overall scope.

Content produced by OTC for an online education or training project is typically owned 100% by the client – certain conditions may apply and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Contact us today to start the conversation and let us help bring your vision to life.

The cost of each project is 100% determined by the scope of the project and needs of the individual client. 

OTC has a variety of revenue sharing models and is ultimately determined collaboratively through a conversation with each client to determine the most successful strategy.

Absolutely! OTC is here to help bring your vision to life and we understand that instructors and teachers don’t necessarily have extra funds to afford the cost of a custom online education project. Contact Us today to discuss how we can make your dream a reality!

All great online courses start somewhere