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OTC offers beginning-to-end solutions for e-learning, online training, onboarding, AR/VR based immersive learning, and more.

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Creating well-built onboarding materials can be a major undertaking for companies. By outsourcing this challenge to OTC, companies can count on a training program designed to increase engagement, efficiency, and effectiveness, ultimately leading to more empowered, motivated, and productive team members. 


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Our Services

We draw from a deep well of expertise, insight, and strategy to ensure your project goals, vision, and resources are considered before we craft a plan of action for your organization. No two projects are alike, and that’s why every project begins with a consultation.

Featured Areas of Expertise

Instructional Design

You’ll be matched with a dedicated project coordinator from the beginning to aid in the management and creation of your fully customized online training experience that includes curriculum review, technical copywriting, and content organization.

Media Production

During content creation sessions with OTC, we take care of all of the pre-production planning, video capture, post-production editing, and content organization. All you have to do is get ready for your closeup! 

Web Development

Whether your training platform needs to be refreshed or built from scratch, OTC helps craft an online presence that is visually aligned with your brand and facilitates accessible learning opportunities.

Virtual Reality (AR+VR)

The future of online and remote learning is in the Metaverse. OTC is on the cutting edge of using VR technology to innovate the future of augmented and fully immersive virtual training experiences. 

Custom Platforms

Making sure your content is easy to access is just as important as creating engaging training materials. OTC has created several platforms to host training content or a solution can be built to integrate seamlessly into your existing website.


Not sure which of our solutions
is right for you?

Not to worry! We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with any client or project; we’ll work with you to assess your needs, goals, and vision, and then we’ll provide you with a detailed plan and recommendations based on your resources and desired outcome. Together, we’ll create a program that empowers your team, makes them feel more valued, increases their connection and buy-in, and ultimately betters your business.

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We are passionate about cultivating curiosity in every aspect of our lives so, naturally, questions are encouraged. Here are some questions we hear often. 

Every online learning project is unique—from timeline to scope, it’s all determined by the clients’ needs and overall vision.

Content produced by OTC for an online education or training project is typically owned 100% by the client—certain conditions may apply and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Us today to start the conversation and let us help bring your vision to life.

The cost of each project is 100% determined by the scope of the project and needs of the individual client. Schedule a call with us to determine the best options for your investment.


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