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OTC Was born because we were tired of online course platforms giving you a blank template instead of meaningful strategy & support from a real human. We work with you directly to achieve your online education goals.


We are passionate about cultivating curiosity in every aspect of our lives so, naturally, questions are encouraged! Here are some questions we hear often so we came up with a few answers to help get you started.

Each online education project that OTC produces is unique: the time required from concept to launch is determined by the clients’ needs and overall scope.

Content produced by OTC for an online education or training project is typically owned 100% by the client – certain conditions may apply and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Contact us today to start the conversation and let us help bring your vision to life.

The cost of each project is 100% determined by the scope of the project and needs of the individual client. 

OTC has a variety of revenue sharing models and is ultimately determined collaboratively through a conversation with each client to determine the most successful strategy.

Absolutely! OTC is here to help bring your vision to life and we understand that instructors and teachers don’t necessarily have extra funds to afford the cost of a custom online education project. Contact Us today to discuss how we can make your dream a reality!

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